Jewish Museum - London


Comic Book Artists in Residence - Marf

Date: Sunday 12 August 2018

Time: 1-4pm

Price: This event is free to attend. There is an admission charge to see the museum galleries.

Categories: talks free for friends live demonstrations

This is your chance to watch a Comic Book Artist in action. They will be creating their own cartoons, as well as responding to the galleries and visitors – you may end up as a work of art yourself!  


Marf is the pen-name of Martha Richler, a political cartoonist and art historian. Born in London, she grew up Montreal, the daughter of the writer Mordecai Richler. She has drawn daily cartoons for the Evening Standard, and editorial cartoons for the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish Quarterly. She is working on a graphic novel called Runaway. 
Instagram: martharichler