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Frequently asked questions

The Jewish Museum has launched a newly updated Friends programme including more benefits and more rewards in return for your support. 

How does this affect my current membership?

If you are currently a Friend, then your membership will remain as it is and you will be able to enjoy the new benefits. Your expiry date won’t change and you can continue to use your current card when visiting. The new amount will only come into effect when you renew. 

How do the changes affect Silver and Gold memberships?

If you are already a Silver or Gold Friend, you will be sent a Patrons card, which offers even more exclusive advantages as well as an opportunity to be in a close circle of museum supporters. 

How can I receive the benefits of Family membership?

If you are already registered as a Joint/Family Friend then you will automatically receive all communications regarding family events including priority booking for Family Days and Workshops. Children’s welcome packs will be offered when you next renew at that level. 

Can I upgrade my membership straight away?

Of course! If you want to enjoy one of our specially designed membership cards then we will update your information and post a brand new membership pack to you.

Why is the price of membership increasing?

The cost of museum membership hasn’t increased in over 10 years so we believe this is a necessary change in order to maintain competitive rates within the sector while adapting to wider economic factors such as inflation. 

How does this affect my Standing Order Friends membership?

All Standing Order memberships will continue to be honoured for the next year but you will need to increase your amount to the new rate if you wish to receive the new benefits after your 2018/19 membership expires. 

Make the most of your membership

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