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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to surprise, delight and engage all people, irrespective of background or faith, in the history, identity and culture of Jews in Britain: by inspiring discovery, provoking questions and encouraging understanding. 

Our Vision is of a world where cultural diversity and the contribution of minority communities are explored, valued and celebrated, for the enrichment of society as a whole. 


  • Brave
  • Irreverent
  • Vibrant
  • Emotional
  • Questioning
  • Welcoming
  • Generous


The Jewish Museum embraces and celebrates diversity in a world that can seem ever more fractured and distrustful.

The ‘Jewish’ part of the museum makes us different; it gives us a unique and particular flavour. We want the experience of visiting the Jewish museum to stand out and make the Jew-ish part of the Jewish Museum a positive attraction.

We cover a huge range of subjects, Jewish culture is rich and varied but with a particular blend of irreverent wit, ever questioning spirit and unflinching intellectual and emotional honesty. We raise vital and topical subjects: identity, migration, heritage, but do so with a light touch.

Just as the common joke is ‘two Jews, three opinions’, the museum seeks to represent the pluralism of the community in all its joyful and frustrating complexity.

We aim to build bridges, break down barriers and delight in our shared common humanity. We see difference as an exciting quality.

Our exhibition and events programme is dynamic and vibrant. We cover a sometimes dizzying amount of subjects and tackle each one in a variety of ways so that people of all different ages and backgrounds can connect.

We believe that it’s people and not objects that are the life and soul of our museum. Objects are crucial in that they tell people’s stories and also, in a post-truth world, are an authentic validation of real history and facts.

Temporary exhibitions are our lifeblood. Always produced to an exceptionally high standard and consistently getting national recognition and 5 star reviews they bring in new people as well as encouraging repeat visits.

Nowhere is our vision better realised than our award-winning schools programme. Reaching ever more thousands of young people it successfully targets inner-city schools, many with pupils from diverse and/or disadvantaged backgrounds.