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Russian Vapour Baths sign

This sign was used to advertise the Russian Vapour Baths in Brick Lane. The baths were more popularly known as ‘Schewzik’s’, after their owner Benjamin Schewzik.

The steam baths were used by the large immigrant Jewish community living in London’s East End from the late 19th century. They were an important part of social and religious life and were mostly used by men following work on a Friday evening, before going to the synagogue for prayers.

The immigrant community in the East End also set up numerous small synagogues, which recreated the atmosphere of those in Eastern Europe. They opened shops selling kosher food and other goods. Posters and newspapers were printed in Yiddish and the busy, bustling streets were full of traders shouting out their wares.




86 Brick Lane is now home to 'Banglacity', a Bangladeshi supermarket! Shows how the area has changed and welcomed new communities over the last century.

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