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Moses Montefiore mizrach

This scagliola tablet was part of a wall decoration in the estate of Moses Montefiore in Ramsgate. Montefiore was a prominent 19th century British Jewish leader and activist for worldwide Jewish causes.

It is designed as a mizrach, which indicates the direction of Jerusalem for prayer. Jerusalem and the Holy Land were at the centre of Montefiore's interests. In 1841, by special licence from Queen Victoria, he added to his coat-of-arms a lion and a stag holding flags with the word ‘Jerusalem’ in Hebrew letters. They can be seen at the top of the tablet.



Martin Davis

When Sir Moses Montefiore reached the age of 100 years he received letters of congratulations from Jewish communities from across the world. He apparently signed replies to all of these communities and one such letter - signed by Sir Moses - is framed and on the wall of the Jewish museum of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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