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Magazine for the Stepney Jewish Ladsí Club

This is an issue of The Stepnian, the magazine for the Stepney Jewish Lads’ Club, founded in the East End of London in 1901. It contains articles on club news and activities, as well as poems and letters.

Thousands of young Jews joined Jewish youth clubs, such as Stepney Jewish Lads’ Club, during the 1920s and 30s. They gave young people the opportunity to enjoy sports, drama, camping and rambling; activities which had not necessarily been available to their parents. The clubs continued the anglicising influence of school, while trying to keep the next generation in touch with their Jewish roots.



harold kaye

l was club captain before l went into the army to do my national service. the club was my second home. l loved it. the friends, the sports,the clubs activities,just a magical memory


Hi Richard,

The photograph was donated by the wife of Simon Gold, and this was the information supplied to us at the time.


Richard Gold

Nice to see my father, Simon Gold, in the photo of the football team - the goalkeeper, third from the right in the back row. I wonder, though, whether it is in fact Brady or whether it is Oxford and St Georges where I know my father was a member. The man on the right of the back row looks rather like Basil Henriques who founded Oxford and St Georges. I wonder if anyone can say definitively. Is the photo captioned in the magazine?

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