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Danger, Fascists at Work

This pamphlet was produced in the late 1940s by the 43 Group. Following World War II, Jewish servicemen returned home to find fascists preaching antisemitism on British streets. They formed the 43 Group, which combined political campaigning with a willingness to use physical violence to break up fascist meetings.

The contents of the pamphlet includes an open letter to the Jewish community, an introduction to fascism, a list of current fascist organisations, the history of the group, its aims and objectives and a form to apply to join the group.

By 1950 fascism had all but disappeared from the streets and the group disbanded.



Tien Bryan

Very timely...


Ronald Stein

Just as WWII was ending a political reseach organisation were tenants in my parents block of flats in the West End, whose name I forget, but, being of a Socialist Political bent, predicted that Fascism would soon arise in Great Britain, which proved to be correct! I myself informed both the Jewish Board of Guardians and the Metropolitan Police about the activities of a particlarly virulent young Neo-Nazi's activities later on.

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