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British Jewry Book of Honour

The British Jewry Book of Honour was published in 1922 in London to permanently record and honour the contribution made by the 50,000 Jews who served in the British and colonial forces during World War I.

The book was edited by Reverend Michael Adler who was the first Jewish chaplain to serve in HM Forces. It describes Jewish enlistment, casualties, military honours, Jewish Units and the work of Jewish hospitals and other Jewish institutions and agencies. Importantly, it contains alphabetical lists of those killed in action, those who were awarded military honours and the nominal rolls of Jews who served, listed by service and by regiment. There are indexed photographs of many of these individuals. In addition, the book contains letters of support and acknowledgment from distinguished men of the day, both Jewish and non-Jewish.



K. Greene

Rabbi Francis L. Cohen was appointed Officiating Chaplain to the [British] Forces in 1892. He also served as chaplain in the Australian army circa 1904.



Forces War Records is the first and only current site to have transcribed this book for the public to view online.

It can be found at

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