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Boris Bennett’s camera

This Kodak “Big Bertha” camera was used by the well-known East End wedding photographer Boris Bennett. Born in Poland in 1900, Boris came to Britain in 1922. Five years later, he opened a photographic studio in the East End of London, which was an instant success.

In his stylish Art Deco studio, Boris made ordinary Jewish East Enders look like Hollywood film stars. He was able to photograph up to 30 bridal couples on a single Sunday, the traditional day for Jewish weddings. Couples would queue on the stairs of the studio waiting to have their pictures taken and crowds often gathered outside to witness the scenes. It was the ultimate compliment to have your photograph displayed in his studio window.



Stephanie Margalith

I have wedding pictures from 1937 of my parents also a small mirror made from some kind of tin with a picture of the bride and groom


Aline Kaye

My eldest sister was married in 1939 and Boris was her photographer. I was her 4 year old bridesmaid but the pictures are lost. I am hoping they maybe in the next exhibition in February. I will go to take a look.



I wonder if Boris KEPT RECORDS. I just found a family wedding photo dated Feb 25, 1948. The couple is identified as Milly and Sid-- I'd love to know who they are.


Aubrey Sufrin

My mother and father were married in 1939. Their wedding photos, which I have were taken by Boris and to see his camera which may have taken the photos is really fascinating to see.


Hi Jacki, thanks for your comment. We have many Boris photographs in our collection - you can search for them online at:


Jacki Reason

Great to see this. I have a copy of my parents' wedding photo, taken by Boris, on my wall

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