Jewish Museum - London


London History Day

Date: Thursday 31 May 2018

Time: 3-4pm

Price: Free with museum entry

Categories: talks curator's talks free for friends

London History Day celebrates the capital's extraordinary history and heritage. Museums across the city will highlight an object in their collection that shows how London's people and places have contributed to the city's unique identity. 

This is a chance to hear, see and touch London Jewish history with a curator talk and object handling session at the Jewish Museum London. The talk will focus on two moments in the history of Jewish people in this country that tell stories of extraordinary courage: the turn of the 20th century and the Second World War.

We will be bringing out objects from our collections, not usually on display, that tell stories of courage; from suffragettes and politically active women, to stories of Jewish migration and search for asylum, to the role of the arts in resistance.

Our curators will tell you the story of the Jews Temporary Shelter, established in 1885 to assist Jewish immigrants who had fled Russia and arrived in London with next to nothing. We will show the kinds of personal possessions and valuables that were exchanged for food, shelter and money.

Explore the idea of how the arts can act as a form of resistance, looking at Yiddish theatre – from theatrical performances in air raid shelters during the Second World War by Yiddish theatre actors to the celebration of a British fighter pilot who became immortalised in the play ‘The King of Lampedusa’.

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