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Objects and Memory: Baron Ferdinand Rothschild's Jewish Roots

Date: Thursday 7 June 2018

Time: 7-8pm

Price: Includes entry into the galleries

Categories: free with museum entry free for friends

Baron Ferdinand Rothschild (1839–1898) is famed for his extraordinary collection of Renaissance treasures held at Waddesdon Manor. These objects were bequeathed to the British Museum at his death and tell a fascinating story.

The rise of the Rothschilds from the Frankfurt Jewish quarter to become bankers to the world within two generations is one of the great rags to riches stories in Europe.

This talk will explore Baron Ferdinand’s unpublished reminiscences, revealing his interest in the history and mythology of the Rothschilds as a Frankfurt Jewish banking dynasty.

The status and significance of Judaica in the Waddesdon Bequest and other family collections is also explored within the context of nineteenth-century collecting, the development of the art market and an emerging sense of a Jewish European history and identity.

Dr Dora Thornton is Curator of Antique and Contemporary Silver, Modern Jewellery, and Art Medals at The Goldsmiths’ Company Collection.

Dr Thornton joined the Goldsmiths’ Company from a distinguished career at the British Museum. An expert on Renaissance Europe, she has researched, published and lectured in this field, with a focus on treasures dating from 1500-1660. As the Museum’s Curator of Renaissance Europe and the Waddesdon Bequest, Dr Thornton led the launch of the Waddesdon Bequest Gallery in 2015, and curated the acclaimed exhibition Shakespeare: Staging the World in 2012.  

Dr Thornton holds an MA Hons in Modern History from St Hilda’s College, Oxford.  She completed both an MPhil on The Renaissance (Combined Historical Studies); and a PhD, The Study Room in Renaissance Italy, with particular reference to Venice 1560-1620, at the Warburg Institute, London.

This lecture series is held in memory of Martin Norton a famed dealer in antique silver, jewellery, miniatures and objets de vertu.

Doors 6pm | Café 6 – 7pm | Shop 6 - 7pm | Galleries 6 - 7pm

The lecture will start at 7pm.